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Developed Temperature Controlled Desorption Canisters for In-situ gas content

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
Indigenous developed desorption canisters have been widely used for in-situ gas content of unconventional gas reservoirs like coalbed methane and shale gas by CIMFR, CMPDI, DGH, MECL, GSI, ONGC, RIL, GEECL, ESSAR and others. The measured in-situ gas content was used by DGH for carving of CBM blocks and commercial production in the country.


Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
Fragment size measurement in blasted muck with digital image analysis (DIAT) is an established method. CSIR-CIMFR and Wavelet Technologies developed an indigenous Software system "Fragalyst" that is an essential tool in Mine-Mill Fragmentation System Optimization that has been constantly upgraded over a period of 22 years. The system is being used by several limestone mines and academic institutions in India and abroad. Fragalyst is designed to determine the in situ block size of bench and Fragmentation of the blasted muck with many features that are not available in similar systems available outside India. FRAGALYST (now entering Fragalyst V. 6.0) System has reached a significant automation level and is intended to provide a very economic means of fragmentation assessment in Indian opencast mines. The system is designed to evaluate the energy efficiency in a blast. Some relative energy utilization assessments are already a part of the software. The system has proved to be tool for educational institutions also. Several Ph.Ds and M.Tech. Theses are based on the results obtained with the help of Fragalyst. The PRI of Fragalyst is well documented at www (10 Pages) & Google Scholar (7 pages;

Controlled blasting technique for enhancing the progress of strategic hill roads.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
CSIR-CIMFR has developed and implemented new blast designs for enhancing the progress of strategic roads near Indo-China and Indo-Pak borders. The implementation of new technology enhances the progress of roads, creates stable slopes and minimises blast-induced nuisances such as vibrations, sound, over-break etc.

Ultracontrolled blasting technology for construction of underground metro rail projects.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Engineering, Structures & Design
Highbred pre-splitting technique consisting of large diameter line drilling holes and alternative small diameter splitting holes for effective control of ground vibrations and damage to the high-walls during rock excavation for construction of Metro Rail Projects.

Land development work using controlled blasting technique for cosntruction of Navi Mumbai International Airport.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Strategic Sector
CSIR-CIMFR has developed controlled blasting techniques for excavations in the zone surrounding domestic houses, industrial establishments and sensitive electric lines. The developed technology has been succeffully execeuted for land development work for cosntruction of Navi Mumbai International Airport. The techniques has led to successful diversion of ulwe river within the stipulated time.