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Pilot scale Coalbed methane demonstration project for methane recovery and utilization by the UNDP/GEF-GoI

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
The first Coalbed methane demonstration project was undertaken at leasehold area of Moonidih Colliery, BCCL with the objective to reduce the methane emission, improve the health and safety of miners, improve the local and regional environment and promote the development of indigenous enterprises engaged in recovery, transportation, conversion and use of coal mine methane. The produced gas was utilized for 500 KW of power generation.

Intrinsically safe environmental monitoring system for undeground coal mines

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
An intrinsically safe real-time environmental monitoring system has been developed by CSIR-CIMFR for continuous monitoring of various parameters, namely methane, carbon monoxide, oxygen, air velocity, temperature, machine status, etc. at a plurality of locations even in gaseous underground coal mines. The system also gives audio-visual warnings when particular parameters crosses the threshold value and switch off the power supply of a particular section of underground coal mine in case of occurrence of high methane concentration. The system has been successfully operating in 10 mines of SCCL, ECL, BCCL, IISCO, TISCO etc.

Methodology for estimation of Greenhouse gas emission from coal mine fire areas.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Ecology & Environment
"Emission of carbon dioxide and methane from thermal manifestations of mine fire were estimated and emission factors have been developed. A monitoring protocol has been developed to synchronize the gas sampling with varying rate of mine fire gas emission using a flux chamber to suite diverse shape and size of cracks and fissures. Samples were analysed in the laboratory. Mean CO2 emission factor value came as 4.63 t/day at Sangramgarh UG mine and 14.10 t/day for Ena Fire Project. For CH4 the mean emission factor derived as 0.12 t/day in Sangramgarh UG mine and a relatively lower value of 0.03 t/day for Ena Fire Project"

Underpinning based method of mining for underground extraction of coal from contiguous and thick contiguous coal seams/sections

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
An underpinning by wire ropes useful for strengthening the parting in between two seams or seam sections and also advance support to the lower thick seam/section and a method for depillaring. Underpinning consolidated parting stability through reinforcement and provided additional thickness to the critical parting thickness as the roof coal band of the thick bottom section is stitched together with the parting. The method is successfully used for underground extraction of coal from contiguous and thick contiguous coal seams/sections.

MineVue Radar

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
CSIR-CIMFR has developed a new Ground Penetrating Radar namely 'MineVue', first intrinsically-safe longest range and lowest frequency shielded radar system having depth of penetration of 60 m for delineation of barrier thickness in underground coal mines to mitigate inundation hazard. This system has been granted permission by Directorate General of Mines Safety for use in underground gaseous coal mines and helped enable coal mining industry to exploit the coal with enhanced safety which were unapproachable and abandoned. Barrier thickness in different underground coalmines, unapproachable mine galleries near railway lines and below national highways have been delineated to protect the human beings and national property using this system. GPR surveys not only increased the safety of the inhabitants and important ground structures but also enabled extraction the coal below the ground structures.