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Mine water reclamation for providing safe drinking water

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Water Technology
A treatment process to reclaim coal mine water for drinking uses has been developed and demonstrated through commissioning of 4000 LPH pilot plant in the PB colliery of Jharia coalfield, Dhanbad.

Preparation of High surface area activated carbon from Biomass

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Waste to Wealth
Technology has been developed to prepare high surface area activated carbon from biomass. The produced carbon are having surface area 2654m2/g. It is useful for the treatment of wastewater, in double layer capacitor and medicinal purposes.

Accelerated Carbonation Technology for blocks/bricks and Aggregates manufacturing using Industrial wastes. (Zinc/Steel Wastes)

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Waste to Wealth
Accelerated carbonation: an innovative technology to Reduce waste toxicity with Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (CDU) and Solidify industrial waste (e.g. zinc waste, steel slag,) into a monolithic product using CO2 to manufacture construction materials. The product will be light weight carbon negative construction products.

Bottom Pulsated Aero-Hydro Two Product JIG of One Ton Capacity for treating Small Coal.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
CSIR-CIMFR developed a Bottom Pulsated Aero-Hydro Two Product JIG for beneficiation of small coal of size -25 + 6mm of One Ton Capacity. This indigenously developed JIG, is very useful for conducting bench scale beneficiation studies for both coking and non coking coals.

Smart Dimmable LED Street Lighting System

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Sustainable Technology
iStreet Lighting (Intelligent) is a solution towards energy savings and reduction of light pollution. The combination of advanced motion sensors with dimmable LED drivers. Available on enquiry basis. It reduces energy consumption by up to 70% without compromising public safety and citizen comfort. Payback period: 2 years @ 70% savings Application/Use: Energy efficient Smart Street lighting for residential campuses, rural areas, municipality areas etc.