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Ginger processing technology.

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Agri Technology
Ginger is one of the major cash crops in NE States of India. Ginger produced in NE India has high content of oil and aroma suitable for export. However, the raw ginger cannot be preserved for long because of very high initial moisture (80-90%). Local demand is very limited and transportation cost is very high due to geographical isolation of these NE states. Farmers do not get good value of their produced. Therefore, CSIR-CMERI has developed post harvest processing technology for making dried ginger flakes from raw ginger which consists of a Washing Unit, a Slicing Unit and a Drying Unit. Benefits: :: Reduce post-harvest losses :: Increasing the shelf-life of the crop :: Value addition and increase income :: Micro-Entrepreneur development :: Employment generation :: Skill development

Multi fab micro fabrication machine

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Engineering Structures & Design
CSIR-CMERI has developed a micro machining facility which is totally indigenous in terms of its controller and graphical user interfaces and can conduct operations such as micro turning, micro milling, micro drilling and micro patterning with a maximum machining resolution of 10 microns. The developed system is expected to open up new vistas for Indian manufacturing sector and would make the backbone of the manufacturing sector stronger. As the cost of the system is low, the educational institutions would be benefitted as they could procure such systems for proper skill development. The machine has two different variants: (i) With in-built computer (ii) With RS232 port (DB-9 connector) which can be attached to any computer bearing DB-9 port. It can be effectively used in Engravings of surgical tools, Jewelry making industries (engravings on gold and silver), Punch making industries and Skill development. The developed system can conduct four different processes with standardized G-codes in its software interface. The G-codes used in the developed system is similar as other machines available in market. As the cost of the system is low, it can be used for CNC machine training and can contribute to skill development. The technology has been transferred to one Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis.

Inter-row rotary cultivator for wide-row crops

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Agri Technology
Application/Use: Precision Agriculture - Intercultural operations in wide row crops like vegetables, sugarcane, maize, cotton, soybean, peas, grams etc. Features: :: Adjustable Working Width :: Adjustable Working Depth :: High Ground Clearance :: Adjustable Row Spacing :: Suitable for Indian Conditions :: Adaptable to small & marginal farmers [suited for 35-45 hp tractors] Technology has been transferred to two Indian Industries on non-exclusive basis.

Pneumatic precision planter for vegetables

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Agri Technology
Application/Use: Precision Agriculture Direct planting/seeding of small/irregular vegetable seeds Features: Features :: High Singulation accuracy :: Designed for Indian Crop Production Practices :: Direct Seeding of small/irregular seeds at uniform depth :: Empower Indian small & marginal farmers [suited for 35-45hp tractors] Specifications :: Singulation of seeds at least 95% :: Planting of seeds of diameter : less than 4 mm :: Row spacing-35 cm (minimum) :: Modular planting units adaptable for all tractors :: Depth controlling and profile following mechanism :: Speed of planting - 4-5km/hr Technology has been transferred to one Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis for commercialization.

CNC based laser micro machining technology on polymers

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Engineering Structures & Design
A CNC laser engraver which is indigenous in terms of its controller and graphical user interfaces and can conduct laser micro machining with a maximum motion resolution of 1.25 microns, maximum error of 8 microns and repeatability of 10 microns. The laser micro machining is conducted using UV diode laser/ IR diode laser with a maximum laser power of 10 W and minimum spot diameter of 30 microns. The machine can engrave primarily on polymers for micro scale pattern generation using dexterous CNC codes. Application/Use:Laser micro patterning, hydrophobic patterned surface generation, fabrication of micro channels and skill development at educational institutions related to CNC machining. Technology has been transferred to two Indian Industry on non-exclusive basis and it is under production & commercialization