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Salt-inducible Expression Vector for Genetically Engineered Proteins

Institute: CSIR-CCMB  | Category: Affordable Healthcare
This is a platform technology which reduces the cost of production of proteins and has been licensed to life technologies. These proteins have important role in biotech industry including as biopharmaceuticals.

Hydrogen production through non-thermal Plasma Reformation of renewable gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Sustainable Technology
CSIR-CIMFR has developed a Multi Fuel Fuel-reformer for production of hydrogen enriched syngas from renewable sources such as methanol, ethanol, biodiesel, soybean oil etc. as well as conventional liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons using Non-thermal Plasma. On-board application of which will lead to vehicle using hydrogen as fuel.

CSIR Soft Coke Oven

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
While soft coke or semi coke is clean, its production is polluting. After emissions? standards were notified in 19969 and particulate matter (corrected to 6% CO2) had to be reduced to 350 mg/Nm3, the Indian soft coke producing industry came under threat. CSIR?s Central Institute for Mining and Fuels Research (CSIR-CIMFR), Dhanbad, Jharkhand provided a low cost effective technology solution in the form of a soft coke (producing) oven which reduced emissions. The CSIR-CIMFR solution brought the emissions level within the new lower permissible limits and thereby protected the livelihoods of many small enterprises operating soft coke ovens at that time as well as prevented energy distress to 1.5 million households and 7 million people using soft coke as domestic fuel in India. Further, it was a cheap efficient fuel whose non-availability and consequent forced fuel switching would have caused energy and financial distress.

Self Service Communical Kiosk

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Knowledgebase
It is a self service, integrated communication kiosk system suitable for installation in public places particularly in schools, colleges, municipality, rural areas and villages. This kiosk system is perfectly customizable and can be used for any communications. Its robust, theft proof design makes is more safer for placement at schools, colleges, panchayat bhawans, block offices, gram sobha buildings and other public areas. The system is designed for easy maintenance and button free operation. Its customizable multi-lingual features makes it suitable to program for local language interface. This system is designed to work with various optional channels of communications like 3G/4G data connectivity, broadband, LAN and WIFI.

Lithium Ion Battery: India?s First Fabrication Facility by CSIR

Institute: CSIR-CECRI  | Category: Engineering, Structures & Design
India's first lithium ion battery fabrication facility based on indigenous novel materials for making 4.0 V/14 h standard cells has been established. The so developed technology on the Li-ion batteries is to be commercialized soon.