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CNM-5: A five-seat General Aviation Aircraft under First PPP.

Institute: CSIR-NAL  | Category: Aerospace
The aircraft has been designed by CSIR-NAL and Mahindra Aerospace Pvt. Ltd (MAPL). The all metal, fixed gear, provided by 10-540 Lycoming engine is powered by a 300 HP piston engine driving a 3-blade propeller cruising at a speed of 160 knots with a maximum AUW (All Up Weight) of 1525 kg. It is an ideal aircraft for air taxi, air ambulance, training, tourism and cargo. The Maiden flight of prototype of CNM5 built by M/s Gipps Aero took place on September 1, 2011 which flew for 45 minutes was completely successful. The aircraft is now undergoing further flight trials.

3kWp Solar Artifact

Institute: CSIR-CMERI  | Category: Renewable Energy
It has 10 Panels of 300Wp each. The total height of the tree is 3-4m with a total span of 6.2m. There are 08 numbers of battery of 150AH. There is one inverter of 2-3KW with charge controller. It is able to give backup of 1.3KW for 12hrs.


Institute: CSIR-NAL  | Category: Aerospace
HANSA- 3 is a light, all-composite 2-seater trainer aircraft certified by the DGCA for day and night flying operations under JAR-VLA category with an all up weight of 750 kg. The aircraft is powered by a Rotax 914 F3 engine. The aircraft incorporates lightning protection and has the necessary equipment for night operations. It has adequate short take off and landing capability and can operate from semi prepared air fields. HANSA-3 is suitable for flying training, hobby, sport and adventure flying. It can also be used for enhancing air-mindedness and other duties within the defense and paramilitary services and also in the civilian sector.

Setting up of India's first Micro Air Vehicle Aerodynamics Research Tunnel

Institute: CSIR-NAL  | Category: Aerospace
CSIR has set up a Micro Air Vehicle Aerodynamics Research Tunnel (MART) at the CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL) campus, Bengaluru. The tunnel, first of its kind in India, will be used to test the fixed-wing, flapping-wing and rotary-wing MAVs in the 500 mm wingspan category. The tunnel, first of its kind in India, will be used to test the fixed-wing, flapping-wing and rotary-wing MAVs in the 500 mm wingspan category. The tunnel was set up under the National Programme on Micro Air Vehicles (NP-MICAV). The project is jointly coordinated by CSIR, the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) and the Department of Science & Technology. The state-of-the-art tunnel would address all the aerodynamic, propulsion and aero-elastic issues related to MAVs.

DNA based Diagnostic Chip for Eye Infections

Institute: CSIR-CCMB  | Category: Affordable Healthcare
Ocular infections are leading cause of ocular morbidity and if untreated can progress to loss of vision. CSIR-CCMB has developed a diagnostic kit for detection of eye pathogens. Twenty four signature genes of 14 pathogens were detected on DNA Chip. The test system is named as Syndrome Evaluation System or SES. SES will simultaneously detect in one sample and one single test all the 15 pathogens that are known to cause dangerous eye infections and serves the un-met needs of patients.