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Carbon Fibre Technology for Aerospace Applications

Institute: CSIR-NAL  | Category: Strategic Sector
Carbon Fibre is an important raw material for structural applications in defence, aerospace and nuclear technologies. Technology can be used extensively in wind turbines and deep well oil explorations. The indigenous development of industrial grade carbon fibre will definitely reduce the dependency on imports.

Development of Control Law for LCA (TEJAS)

Institute: CSIR-NAL  | Category: Strategic Sector
CSIR- NAL developed a flight standard control law for the LCA-Tejas. An exclusive real-time design simulator was specially built at CSIR-NAL to optimize the control law performance. Tejas pilots have cleared this control law and expressed complete satisfaction with its performance.

High Density Carbon Carbon Composites

Institute: CSIR-NPL  | Category: Strategic Sector
Carbon fibre reinforced carbon (c/c) composite is today one of the most important high temperature materials, finding many and varied applications especially in defence sector and therefore the technology for this material is not available to the country at any cost. A scaled down nose tip was made with the carboncarbon composites developed at CSIR-NPL. This was tested at DRDL, Hyderabad, using L.P. exhaust test and was found satisfactory.

C-band 60 W Space TWT (with BEL) for ISRO's Communication Satellites

Institute: CSIR-CEERI  | Category: Strategic Sector
Successfully designed and developed jointly with BEL. Desired RF and electrical specifications achieved over an extended frequency range with an output power more than 60 W and overall efficiency more than 55%. 'Quality assurance' (QA) of the C-band 60 W TWT has been initiated for space qualification.

Sulphate of Potash from Sea Bittern

Institute: CSIR-CSMCRI  | Category: Sustainable Technology
CSIR- CSMCRI patented and transferred technology for production of Sulphur of Potash from Sulphate rich bittern to M/s Archean Group of Companies, Chennai. 60,000 acre of land has been allotted to the company in the Greater Rann of over Kutch to establish a 100,000 TPA sulphate of potash (SOP) plant, integrated with MgO production.