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Microbial consortium for waste management in aquaculture ponds

Institute: CSIR-NIO  | Category: Biotechnology
Indigenous microbial consortium composed of bacteria isolated from marine environment for waste management in aquaculture ponds. Regular application of the same reduces the accumulation of organic waste and reduces macroalgal growth in brackish water aquaculture ponds

Installation of high capacity underground booster fans for improvement in workplace environment of deep underground coal mines

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Engineering, Structures & Design
The mine was suffering from a prolong issue of ventilation at the working faces, thus intervention of CSIR-CIMFR, has helped the mine in improving workplace environment by providing design for installation of high capacity underground booster fans. Thus, the application of this technology is very much effective in addressing the issues related to ventilation of deeper level workings of underground coal mines with multi-seam workings having upper seam sealed off fire areas.

Process flow sheet for beneficiation of low grade Iron ore sample from Shire-Mentebteb, Ethiopia

Institute: CSIR-NML  | Category: Chemicals, Catalysts & Petrochemicals
About 500 million tonnes of iron ore resources are located in ShireMentebteb region of Ethiopia. The deposit is a lean grade goethitic ore and it is to be concentrated to a level suitable for utilization through blending with high grade concentrate for iron and steel making. CSIR-NML has developed a process flow -sheet for beneficiation of the low grade iron ore as saying 33.17% Fe to produce concentrate with 51% Fe.

Gasification Potential Mapping of Indian Coal

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
Gasification potential mapping of Indian coal under the aegis of NITI Aayog include coal characterization matrix vis-a-vis selection of matching gasification technology as well as the development of utilization pattern and strategies for gainful utilization of coal for various applications such as Methanol Economy, Coal to Fertilizers, Coal to Chemicals, Direct Reduction of Iron Ore, etc.

Technology for simultaneous excavation of slot raise and rings in underground stoping.

Institute: CSIR-CIMFR  | Category: Minerals, Metals & Materials
CSIR-CIMFR has developed the technology for simultaneous excavation of slot raise and rings in a single blast. The developed technology has been implemented at different underground mines of Hindustan Zinc Limited. The technology has led to achive the production target of 6.0 million tonne per annum for Rampura Agucha underground mine.